Initial Session

Your First Session

After a prospective client sends me an enquiry message, I have a short (free) call with them, when we discuss what is bothering them and why they want to come to therapy now, as well as my fee.

During the call we can schedule the initial 50-minute (paid) session, with no obligation to attend further sessions.

At the initial 50-minute session we can meet and talk – and find out if we feel comfortable working together. If we both feel comfortable, we then schedule our regular, weekly session of therapy. We discuss my fee at that initial session. I ask people to pay me weekly, by bank transfer, on the day of the therapy session.

General Approach

I work with people in a psychodynamic and humanistic way, from the Jungian perspective of an integrated Self and the Mindful perspective of connection to others, so that my clients can work towards:

  • Wellbeing – mental, emotional, physical
  • Wholeness
  • Healthy relationships with family members, friends, work colleagues and community members

 Get in touch

Feel free to use the contact form below as a quick way to contact me confidentially.